JPZ Consulting (Bangladesh) Ltd enjoys a unique reputation in its participation in infrastructure development in home and abroad where JPZ is providing appropriate and sustainable solutions for infrastructure development through innovative technologies, and affordable ideas.


Focusing on the need of the clients, the Company appoints National and International experts who are proficient, knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area to accomplish the projects for expanding its activities in diversified fields to develop areas of complementary expertise and strengthen the firm’s capabilities.

Sl.No Name Expertise Educational Qualification
National Experts
1 Dr.Shamim Mahabubul Haque Sociologist / Resettlement Specialist Phd (Japan), MSc (japan), MURP(BUET), BSc(Civil)
2 Mohammad Shamsul Alam Geo- Technical/Foundation Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1982
3 Aminur Rashid Senior Structural Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering, 1980
4 Moaliem Hosain Constrution Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering (BUET), 1975
5 Abu Hena Md ziauddin Deputy Team Leader /Sr.Architect B.Sc Arch-(BUET), 1991
6 Tanzila Khatun Senior Architect B. Arch, 2004
7 Masud Ur Rashid Mid- Level Architect B. Arch, 2004
8 Abdul Hasib Mohammad Ashidul Haque Mid- Level Architect B Arch Kulna University Bangladesh, 2002
9 A.K.M Morshed Sanitary & Plambing Engineer M.Sc Engineering (Mechanical and Materials), 1997
10 Mujibar Rahman Electro-Mechanical Engineer B.Sc Engineering (Mechanical), 1979
11 Md. Tofazzal Hossian Senior Electrical Engineer B.Sc Engineering (Electrical), 1973
12 Partha Sarathi Sarker Senior Mechanical Engineer/Plambing Engineer M.Sc Engg, (Mech) BUET B.Sc Engg, (Mech)BUET
13 Md.Golam Mostafa Shameem Electrical Engineer B.Sc Engineering (Electrical), 2002
14 Md. Serajul Islam Talikder Economist Master of Arts In economist ,1970
15 M Taheruddin Financial Expert M.A. Economists,Vanderbilt University ,1976
16 Gour Chandra Roy Financial Analyst M.Sc LL. B (DU), Ma (UK), MBA (SU), B.Sc (A&A)
17 Shah Muhammad Muhibullah Senior Structural Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering ,1984
18 A,H,M. Razaul Haque Contract Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering ,1993
19 Md. Kamal Hasan Design Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering, 1992
20 Umme Kulsum Sociologist Sociology 1987
21 Swapan Kanti Poddar Environment Specialist B.Sc (HONS) in Soil Science
22 FarJana Hoque Sr.Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering, 1993
23 Towhidul Alam Sr.Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering, 1993
24 Arefin Murshed Material & Cost Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering, 1993
25 Md. Mozammel Hoque Sr. Quantity Engineer B.Sc in Civil Engineering, 1993
26 A.H.M Baziur Naser Quantity Surveyor Diploma Engineering, 1993
27 A.H.M Abdur Razzak Materials Engineer,SMEC,Australia. B.Sc (Civil Engineering), RUET, 1966.
28 Md.Idrish Miah Highway Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engineering), BUET, 1948.
29 Md Murtuja Alam Advisor B.Sc (Civil Engineering), BUET, 1986.
30 Shah Muhammad Muhibbullh Construction Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engineering), BUET, 1989.
31 Dr. Abdullah Al-Muyeed Lecturer,Civil /Environmental Engineering Ph.D (Disscrtation) , M.Sc ( Disscrtation), BUET, 2005.
32 A K M Aminur Rashid Structural Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engineering), Khulna, 1980.
33 Md.Tofazzal Hossain Electrical Engineer B.Sc Engineering (Elec), 1973.
34 Md.Keramat Ali Molla Professor of Civil Engg,AUST Ph.D India 1995.
35 Md.Jahangir Alam M.Com 1992.B.Com 1989.Bangladesh
36 Md. Harun -Al-Rashid Electrical Engineer B.Sc(Elec :Engineering) 1975.
37 Md.Moallem Hossain Construction Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engineering) , BUET,1975.
38 Sajjad Hassain Construction Supervision M.Eng (Geotechnical) ,Thailand ,1989.
International Experts
1 Ir.Mohd Amin Bin Othman. Structural Design Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engneering) 1987
2 Zainal Abidin bin mohd Daim. Project Management. B.Sc (Civil Engneering) U.S.A.
3 Ir.Kamarul bahrin bin Mohamad Industrial projects Management. B.Engneering.,UK.
4 Syairul Irwan Bin Rased Financial Expert Bbachelor of Finance 1995.
5 Munenori Yamazki Consultant B.Sc ( Civil Engineering) 1969.
6 Elizabeth Ghislaine Architectureal Engineer B.Eng.(Civil Engneering).
7 Shamshuddin bin AB Jalal Trasportation planning & Engineer B.Eng (Hon’s) Civil Engneering,UK,1981.M.Sc ,UK,1997.
8 Ir.Sallehuddin bin Mazali Civil Engineer B.Eng (Hon’s),( Civil Engineering) England.
9 Ahmad Fazi Bin Abdul Malek Road and Highway Technology Expert M.Sc Eng (International Highway Engineering) 1983 UK. B.Sc ( Civil Engineering), 1984.
10 Abdul wahid B Ghazali Environmental Engineer M.Sc Environmental Sciencs, 1976.
11 HJ.Ibrahim bin Ahmad Senior Road/HighwayEngineer Diploma in Civil Engineering, Malaysia 1982.
12 Alias Hashim Hydrologycal Engineer M. Sc (Engineering Hydrology) UK 1984. B.E (Hon’s) (Civil Engineering), Malaysia.
13 Wan Mokhtar w Nawang Water Resources & Environmental Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engineering) U.S.A ,1978. M.Sc Water Resources & Environmental Engineering, Maryland U.S.A, 1982.
14 Md. Abdul Matin Consulting Civil Engineer/Design Engineer Project Management B.Sc (Civil Engineering) BUET, 1976.
15 Ir. Zalin Bin Amir Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Expert B.Sc (Hon’s) Civil Engineering , 1979.
16 Ahmad Farid Bin Ghazali Project Management Civil Engineering, Mara University 2003.
17 Tabassum Zahoor Hydraulics Design & Model Engineer Ph.D (Hydraulics), 1992.
18 Zafar Masood Siddiqui Water Resources Engineer M.S(W.R.Engg) U.C.D,USA, 1990.
19 Ir. Aziz Bin Mustafa Foundation Engineer ( Foundation Engineering ), 1983.
20 Ir. Haji Ponimin Bin Tayat Civil Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engineering) NewYork, 1980.
21 Mokhtar Bin Sheikh Mohamed Geotechnical Consultant M.Sc (Soil Machanics), 1986.
22 Ir. Dzulkifli Bin Nordin Director B.Sc (Civil Engineering), 1982.
23 Amran Bin Alis Project Management /Design Audit B.Sc (Engg), 1984.
24 Nadzri Bin Jaruki Senior pavement Engineer B.Sc (Civil Engineering), 1995.
25 Dr.Rosli Nekmat Project Management Ph.D Transportation and Urban Systems,1987.
26 Zulfri Bin Mustapha Land Development Department B.Sc (Civil Engineering), U.S.A .
27 Zahir Bin Jiman Consultant Building Engineering
28 Nik Mansor Bin Nik Mat Environmental B.Sc (Civil Engineering), Malaysia, 1992.