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 01 Construction of 225m Bridge over Bangshi Riverat Hatubhanga on Gorai Shakirpur Road under  Mirzapur Thana, Tangail District. Mirzapur,Thana,Tangail District. 1998 LGED  Untitled-43
 02 Construction of 308m long -4-lane composite Bridge (RCC/PC girder Bridge) over the surma river at Sylhet town. Sylhet town. 2000 RHD  Untitled-44

Design Reviewing of 260m long 1st Dhaleshwari Bridge Under Road & Highway Department.

 Munshiganj 2000 RHD  Untitled-45
 04 Design Reviewing of Construction of 521.30m Long (12×42.68m) P.C. Girder Bridge over River Shankha on 23rd K.M. Patiya-Anowara-Bashkhali-Toitong Road. Bashkhali-Toitong Road. 2000 RHD  Untitled-46
 05 Toll Collection, Operation & Maintenance (T, O & M) Works of Bhairab Bridge and Associated Structures, Bangladesh.  Bhairab, Norshingdhi 2003 RHD  Untitled-47
 06 Construction of 160.205 m Bridge at Pearpur over Pandop River on Bakerganj – Gobindapur GC road under Bakerganj Upazilla, Barisal District, Bangladesh. Barisal District, Bangladesh. 2003 LGED  Untitled-48

Construction of Teesta Bridge at 21st KM of Rangpur-Kurigram Road of Three Bridges Project under KFAED Assistance

Rangpur-Kurigram Road 2006 RHD  Untitled-49
 08 Construction of 1310m long Dapdapia Bridge on Barisal-Patuakhali Road, Barisal, Bangladesh.

Barisal-Patuakhali Road, Barisal, Bangladesh.

2007 RHD  Untitled-50
 09 Upgradation and Beautification of the Kamruzzaman Central Park at Rajshahi City corporation, Rajshahi.• Construction of steel arch bridge having single span of 36m long.• Construction of steel curve bridge 42m long integrated fixed supported bridge Kamruzzaman Central Park at Rajshahi City corporation, Rajshahi.

2009 RCC  Untitled-51

Rehabilitation of Existing Meghna Bridge & Meghna-Gumti Bridge

Meghna-Gumti Bridge 2010 RHD  Untitled-52
 11 Feasibility Study & Detail Design for Construction of Asulia-Birulia Link Road under Roads and Highway Department, Dhaka Road Circle, Dhaka.

Roads and Highway Department, Dhaka Road Circle, Dhaka.

2010 RHD  Untitled-53
 12 Construction of proposed FlyoverAmberkhan Sylhet City. Amberkhan Sylhet City 2010 RHD  Untitled-54
 13 Feasibility Study & Detail Design ofthe“Amua Dhon River” and theadjoining areas for the proposed180m Road Bridge over “AmuaDhon River” atKathalia Upazila inJhalakatiDistrict under RHD,JhalakatiRoad Division, Jhalakati. Jhalakati Road Division, Jhalakati. 2011 RHD  Untitled-55
 14 Construction of two Link Road inBetween Khulna- Jessore from MABari Sarak to City Bypass Road. Khulna- Jessore City Bypass Road. 2011 KDA  Untitled-56

Preparation of Master Planning of Graveyard Including detail design of Arch Bridge and other associated infrastructure near National Martyred Moment at Rayerbazar Under Dhaka North City Corporation.

Rayerbazar Under Dhaka North City Corporation.

2012 DNCC  Untitled-57
 16 Construction of Arch/Bridge on WASA Khal at Goidertek including Approach Road Goidertek, Shekhertek, Dhaka 2012 DNCC  B16
 17 Feasibility Study & Detail Designfor Construction of R.C.C. Bridge onWASA Khal at Goider Tech, Adaborunder Dhaka North City corporation.

Goider Tech, Adabor under Dhaka North City corporation.

2012 DNCC  Untitled-58

Feasibility and Detailed Structural Design of Bridge over the river Shitalakhya (2nd Connection) in Narayanganj City.

Shitalakhya (2nd Connection) in Narayanganj City.

2014 LGED  Untitled-60

Consultancy Services for Repair of Cracks inside the Box Gider and strengthening of the Superstructure of the Banganbandhu Bridge.

Banganbandhu Bridge. 2015 BBA  Untitled-61

Consultancy Services for Preparation of Engineering Plan & Detailed Structural Design & Supervision for Construction of 4 lane Flyover under the Project Construction of East-West Link Road startingfrom Rajshahi- Naogaon main Road to Mohanpur at Rajshahi Nator Road in Rajshahi City

Mohanpur at Rajshahi Nator Road in Rajshahi City

 2015 RCC  Untitled-62
 21 Bridge over kaptai lake connecting bagachari to naniarchor bridge,RANGAMATI RANGAMATI 2016 19 ECB  road22

Consultancy Services for Improvement of traffic management infrastructure (Intersection, Bus-stoppages/ Bus-bay, Left lane, Guard rail, Traffic Sign, Grill, Fencing etc.)

  2016 DSCC  Untitled-65
 23 Hydrological and Morphological

Study of 15 Bridges over Different,



Barishal,Patuakhali,and Jhalokhati

Districts under LGED.


Kushtia,Shariatpur,Khulna, Bagerhat,Barishal,Patuakhali,

and, Jhalokhati Districts under LGED.

2017 LGED  B23
 24 Consultancy Services for ” Construction of Foot over Bridge ” DSCC Under Dhaka South City Corporation 2017 DSCC  Untitled-67
 25 Carrying out Classified Traffic Count Survey of RHD Road Network of Khulna,Barishal and Gopalganj Zone under the Package No-HDM/2018-19/SR-4 Khulna,Barishal,and Gopalganj Zone  2019 RHD  B25

Consultancy Services for 90-100M RCC Bridge (BUP)

BUP, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka 2019 BUP  B26


Services for Design Review and Construction Supervision  Consultancy  Services for Construction of Bridge at 17th km on the Kachua-
Betagi-Patuakhali-Lohalia-Kalayia Road over the River Paira

Patuakhali 2021 BBA  00

 28 Consultancy Services For Feasibility Study, Detail Design, Estimation And Formulation Of DPP For Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Pedestrian Underpass Project. Dhaka 2023 BA