Gopalgonj Power Plant

Assignment Name:

Preparation of Master Plan of 100 MW Gopalgonj Power Plant 

Name of Client:

Energypac Power Generation Ltd.


Gopalgonj, Bangladesh

Year of Completion:

August 2010

Project of Description:

GOPALGANJ 100 MW±15% POWER PLANT (HFO FIRED ENGINE GENERATING SETS) PROJECT: Complete engineering, design, manufacturing, inspection, testing, supply, delivery to the site, site preparation, shifting of existing establishments or infrastructure (if required), related civil and building works, installation, erection, testing & commissioning of HFO fired Engine Generating Sets Power Plant Project [capacity of each identical unit is not less than 5 MW and dual-fuel gas turbine Power Plant Project [2to 4 identical units],having net output as mentioned in each tender document at Site conditions of 35°C, 1.013 bar, 98% R.H., including necessary auxiliaries and ancillaries on Turnkey basis as stated in the scope of work of the Tender document. The Tendered shall also provide 2 (two) years warranty period for the entire work as well as Long Term Service under a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) for the next 4 years..

Services Provided:

Economic evaluation: Economic Analysis/socio-economic condition of the zone of influence and Environmental Impact Assessment. Effect on poverty alleviation due to the implementation of the project. Data collection relating to investment opportunity, market projection etc. Hydrological and Morphological Study and drainage facilities, sub-soil investigation. Climatology, geology, seismically and geo-technical consideration. Development of approach road Study of services/utilities relocation/ installation. Preliminary design and drawings of the Infrastructures including