19 Nos. Park and 12 Nos. Playground

Assignment Name:

“Development of 19 Nos. Park and 12 Nos. Playground “Under Development of Different Infrastructures o of Dhaka South City Corporation.


Name of Client:

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC)


Dhaka South City Corporation.

Year of Completion:

June, 2018

Project of Description:

The objective of the services is to prepare a plan after appraising field situation, prepare  and present  models showing different present and future options; prepare architectural, structural and other necessary 30  drawing, design; production of working drawings, preparation of estimate, Bill of Quantity (BOQ),  specifications and assist in preparing  and evaluating   tender  documents,  providing  full time  supervision  and quality control, bill certification etc. in due time for Development of Park and Playground.

Services Provided:

The Consultant will under take there view in go fprevious study reports,carry out survey in gand in vestigate the  project sites physically,performing the analysis and design task assignment.The scope of services of this project can be clearly stated as follows: Carry out feasibility study to find out alternative options which may yield higher benefit and also fulfilling   DSCC’s need. Assess functional and architectural   needs  of  DSCC,  Focus    Group   Discussion (FGD)    with DSCC management personnel regarding different utilities and works; Carry out digital topographic survey for capturing Site-Plan and surrounding features; where the consultant may propose alternative options resulting optimum benefit for DSCC. Prepare Visionary Plan for present and future infrastructure requirement Park and Playground landscape design. Recreational, Mass gathering, Kids Playing facility development proposal and related infrastructure design. Walkway, street lighting, Walkway lighting, Grass bed design etc. and Renovation / new design of pavilion & Benches. Parking suggestion.