Gulshan-Banani-Baridhara Lake, Dhaka.

Assignment Name:

Development of Gulshan-Banani-Baridhara Lake, Dhaka.


Name of Client:

Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha(RAJUK), Bangladesh


Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Year of Completion:

December 2011

Project of Description:

The main objective of the project is to carry out the development of the environment of the city by developing the lake with improving water quality and constructing peripheral embankment with pedestrian walkway, bicycle lane, green space, parking spaces connecting bridge/viaduct, foot bridge, overpass or underpass, waterways etc for better accessibility and to minimizing the temporary water logging problems. And also provide recreational facilities and developing the social integration in and around the adjacent areas of the Dhaka City.

Services Provided:

Development of Urban Morphology Study with planning constraints & opportunities that includes topographic survey analysis, traffic survey, land use survey,etc. Development of Strategic Implementation Plan for Environmental mitigation with alternative propositions. Execution of Detail Micro Level Area Survey and Geotechnical Investigations Detailed Survey of Existing Different Utilities and Proposal for Utility Shifting where necessary. Detail Design and Aesthetic Integration of Infrastructural components Bridge, embankment, roads & walkways, etc. shore protection measures, project area surface & storm area drainage and water management components with catchments &filtration system . Design with Detail Specification for Landscape components such as soft and hard surfaces, courtyards, ground coverage, gardens and other items. Detail Design of an integrated Landscape System with plants, Water conveyance and by these the ‘flora & fauna’ for the project area. Detail Design of Traffic Intersections and support Components Detail Design for Electric Lighting and Illumination components of the Landscape system. Detail Design for Mechanical, Plumbing & Hydrological Management components for the project and its water managements i.e. Sluice gates, pump house etc. Preparation of LAP, RAP & EMP.