Aga Khan Academy

Assignment Name:

Associate Consultancy Services for “Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Drawing & Specification

Preparation for Infrastructure Works of Aga Khan Academy, Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka.

Name of Client:

Aga Khan Foundation, Bangladesh


Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka

Year of Completion:


Project of Description:

Strategically the proposed Aga Khan Academy (AKA) is located just at the intersection of Purbachol link/connecting road (30m wide) and Bashundhara 1st Avenue road (10m wide). The said academy integrates the institutional need with the mix development on the 1st Avenue road of Bashundhara residential (Figure 1). A number of building have already been constructed surrounding the proposed project site to pace with the recent developments trends. Those buildings are comprised of different types of structures, ranging from low rise building including multi-level basement such as of American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB), Jamuna Future Park, North South University (NSU), and Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). Out of these, few buildings are under construction and also at planning stage. In order to evaluate such type of large scale proposed institutional project it is very necessary to build up the conceptual basis of evaluation and decision making. The whole process of works involves extent, implementation and construction technology, operation and maintenance and other sort of necessary works. Most importantly the spot-on understanding of project along with its neighborhood influence on property line construction.

Services Provided:

The detailed Land Development, Surface and Underground Drainage System: Provide structural drawings for building rain water and foul water ,Provide structural drawings of the below ground drainage system, Roads and Associated Structures : Building Protection and Security Measures, Boundary wall, Main Gate, Guard House, light post, safety & security system, pavilion, turfs, , sprinkler irrigation system, waterproofing & heat-proofing Land Scape Related Structures: Swimming Pool, Water Bodies, Landscape, Planter Boxes, Fountains, Rain water Harvesting, Rooftop Gardening, Playground, walkway, Soft & hard pavement yard for recreation area and mass gathering, power station, Community services. External Disposal Networks Identify Point Source Pollution adjacent to the project, Identify Non-Point Source Pollution adjacent to the project, provide further information of sewage treatment plant, Check onsite sanitation system available, solid waste management and collection system, Sewerage Treatment Plant & Networks (conveyance, manhole, sump pit etc.) Provide further information of MBBR system including details of spatial requirement, suitability of system in a deep basement structure, confirmation that the manufacturer will provide a technical design.

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