MD’s Message



As I look forward I am delighted to draw your attention to the progress that JPZ Consulting (Bangladesh) Ltd has made after crossing a decade. As the Managing Director of JPZ Consulting, I am pleased to make you sure that every Client receives an outstanding Service from this organization. I would like to thank all our valued clients, staffs and our associates for supporting and guiding us since the Last 20 Years.


We bring to our clients much desired human values, integrity, confidence, and declaration of responsibility all coupled with our know-how in planning, engineering & management. Our major assets have always highly trained team of professional managers, architects, and engineers who are backed by a very able team of supporting staffs. We have a focused vision with basic principles about building on our capabilities and our achievements.

At this organization, we are highly integrated and practice a zero-tolerance approach to corrupt and fraudulent practices. This has been established at all governance levels, starting with the Share Holders and Board of Directors. In line with our premeditated plan, we shall always seek to attract, train and retain the best personnel and to that end, we offer our staffs attractive prospects and help them achieve their aspirations with dignity, transparency, and moral behavior.


In conclusion, I wish to thank our clients for their trust, our Board of Directors and our management team for their valuable guidance and essential support. As being the vice president of the Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers (BACE), I will keep working hard to continue fulfilling the Nation’s expectations and a high level of consultancy services.