Modern Slaughter House under DSCC

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Slaughter house

Assignment Name:

Consultancy Services for “Construction of Modern Slaughter house” under Development of Different Infrastructures of Dhaka South City

Name of Client:

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC)


Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC)

Year of Completion:

September, 2018

Project of Description:

The objective of the consulting services is to prepare a plan after appraising DSCC and end user’s needs, prepare   and present models showing different present  and future options; prepare architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, firefighting, sub-station and other necessary design; production of working drawings, preparation of estimate, Bill of Quantity (BOQ), specifications and assist in preparing and evaluating tender documents, providing top supervision and quality control, submission of reports in due time for Construction of Modern Slaughterhouse.


Services Provided:

TheConsultantwillundertaketheir viewingofpreviousstudyreports,carryoutsurveyingandinvestigatetheprojectsitesphysically, performing theanalysisanddesigntaskassignment.The scopeofservicesofthis projectcanbeclearlystated asfollows: Carry out feasibility study to find out alternative options which may yield higher benefit and also fulfilling DSCC’s need. Assess functional and architectural needs of DSCC and end user through holding Information Exchange Meeting (IEM) or Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with DSCC management personnel different utilities and floor space; Plan and implement the components of the project under the supervision of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). Survey and soil investigation, landscaping design. Prepare a Visionary Plan for present and future infrastructure requirement for Slaughter House Prepare the work schedule work Prepare fire protection design drawing, Interior design.