Deep-Sea Port

Assignment Name:

Techno-economic Feasibility study of a Deep-Sea Port in Bangladesh.


Name of Client:

Ministry of Shipping, Government of Republic of Bangladesh.


Sonadia Island, Moheskhali, Cox’s Bazar.

Year of Completion:

April 2009

Project of Description:

The Ministry of shipping of Bangladesh Government planned to undertake a project for setting up a Deep-Sea Port at Sonadia Island, Moheskhali, Cox’s Bazar. The proposed project is divided in two phase. In first phase, the teammade a preliminary study on 7 points including Akram Point, Potenga, Mouth of Karnafuly at Anwara, Kutubdia,Moheshkhali, Elephant Point, St. Martin and finally the team selected Moheshkhali for detail survey, feasibility study and preliminary design and they are working in this pointas a part of 2nd phase. The project includes feasibility studies, preparation of master-plan, detailed topographic survey, economic evaluation of the project, EIA, SIA. The objective of the project was to encourage Investment in Bangladesh as well as development of investment environment in the country. The project will also help developing the socio-economic status of the people of the proposed area. The project considered development of a number of infrastructures including railway line, highway, few multi-span long river bridges, wharfs, buildings and warehouses.

Services Provided:

Feasibility study to prepare master plan, area development plan, and preliminary structural plan.Site selection with detailed evaluation of different alternatives. Developments of land acquisition plan, resettlement action plan, road networking and help authority in land acquisition and dispute settlement. Data Collection relating to investment opportunity, market projection etc. Topographic, Contour and plane table survey. Traffic survey, Economic evaluation: Economic Analysis, Socio-economic condition of the zone of influence and Environmental Impact Assessment and recommendation for mitigation measures to lessen the adverse impacts. Study of land acquisition and resettlement plan Study of hydrological and ecological condition Study of climatology, geology, seismicity and geotechnical consideration