Chittagong Sea Port.

Assignment Name:

Relocation and Reconstruction of Jetty in Chittagong Sea Port.


Name of Client:

Chittagong Sea Port Authority.


Chittagong, Bangladesh

Year of Completion:

September 2001

Project of Description:

The Jethy was proposed for providing services to associated departmental works in the river as well as in the sea. Country Vessels were considered in planning and design development of the Jetty. The jetty will give services such as carrying water, tools, accessories to hydrographic department of the port.

Services Provided:

Review of existing Hydrological and Morphological Study and embankment level, layout & alignment data. Carry out and prepare the topographical features of the project area. Detail hydrological analysis of the project area. Soil investigation, Topographic Survey, EIA study etc. Preliminary design, details working design & drawings. Preparation of details cost estimate, tender documents, bill of quantities.