Teknaf Port. Chittagong

Assignment Name:

Condtruction of Port Facilities Including One Jetty Required for Teknaf Port. Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Name of Client:

Bangladesh Isthala Bandar Kartipakka (BIBK)


Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Year of Completion:

September 2003

Project of Description:

Bangladesh Isthala Bandar Kartipakka (BIBK) decided to develop detail design of Land Port and to provide Landing Facilities in coastal upazila location namely Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district. Teknaf is located on the farthest south coastline of Bangladesh and communication system is largely dependent on river transportation. The above location is presently approached by existing Trunk road. Consultant was responsible to prepare master plan, layout plan, prepare preliminary plan and design of alternative jetty types and approach road with bank protection works, conduct environmental & social impact study and suggest remedial measures, prepare preliminary cost estimate, tender documents and contract documentation, and plans for land acquisition, land development and resettlement, study on poverty alleviation.

Services Provided:

Project feasibility study and preparation of Master Plan. Land acquisition, land development, dispute settlement and resettlement plan. Economic evaluation: Economic Analysis/socio-economic condition of the zone of influence and Environmental Impact Assessment. Effect on poverty alleviation due to the implementation of the project. Data collection relating to investment opportunity, market projection etc. Study of hydrology and drainage facilities, sub-soil investigation. Climatology, geology, seismically and geo-technical consideration. Development of approach road. Study of services/utilities relocation/ installation. Preliminary design and drawings of the Infrastructures including approach road, water supply, sanitary and Sewage disposal, electrical and mechanical installment and other utilities Preliminary cost estimates, BoQ, Preparation of tender documents and contract documentation.