CEPZ, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Assignment Name:

Feasibility study, Detailed design and Construction Supervision of Inland Container Depot cum Container Freight Station at CEPZ, Chittagong, Bangladesh.


Name of Client:

K & T Logistics Ltd.



Year of Completion:

November 2001

Project of Description:

In order to supply adequate container to the EPZ area, K & T Logistics Ltd. has undertaken the implementation of a container depot project to meet up the container demands of EPZ. Recently K & T Logistics Ltd. has conducted a feasibility study for the combined container depot project both for the Chittagong Port Area, Township area and EPZ area. Accordingly K & T Logistics Ltd. has prepared a PCP and submitted to the Govt. Later Govt. has decided that BEPZA would implement container facilities separately for EPZ area duly funded by the K & T Logistics Ltd. as a ‘Deposit Work’. The project includes construction of soft yard, fifty feet wide internal road including entry-exit road. Warehouse with Mezzanine floor excluding the pre-fabricated building portion. Water treatment plant, Surface Drainage around the building areas. Internal electrification work of warehouse & workshop building with telephone system and other related civil works for container depot.

Services Provided:

Feasibility study, preparation of master plan, land development plan.Detail structural analysis and design of container yard (rigid & flexible pavement), pre-fabricated steel structures of workshop building, warehouse etc.Soil investigation, analysis of soil parameters.Design of utility services, roads, pavements, and water drainage system.Value engineering exercise for cost effectiveness with respect to construction volume. Detailed design of structures, preparation of drawings.Preparation of tender documents, bill of quantities.Cost estimation, economic evaluation of the project.Project management and continuous supervision for monitoring of progress of work and co-ordination of owner-consultant and contractor meeting.