Bhairab Bridge

Assignment Name:

Toll Collection, Operation &Maintenance (T, O & M) Works of Bhairab Bridge and Associated Structures, Bangladesh.


Name of Client:


Year of Completion:

August 2008

Project of Description:

The scope of works in respect of routine maintenance under the contract covers the maintenance of structures, facilities and equipment within the project area and is deemed to cover monitoring, inspection, remedying, servicing, repair, prep aration of reports and records thereof. This generally includes the following activities but not limited to those only Bridge & approach viaducts.

Services Provided:

Traffic survey, Road, Road structures and Embankment. Hydrological and Morphological Study, River, Training and slope protection works. Drainage & sewage system. Water & electricity supply. Toll operation equipment. Buildings and Ancillary Structures. Environmental, health & safety. Toll Vehicles & transport.operation system. Safety & security.