NCC Bridge

Assignment Name:

Feasibility and Detailed Structural Design of Bridge over the river Shitalakhya (2nd Connection) in Narayanganj City

Name of Client:

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)

Location :

Narayanganj City

Year of Completion:


Project of Description :

The construction of the Shitalakhya Bridge (2nd Connection) in Narayanganj City is to develop the communication network between two parts of Narayanganj City Corporation. The bridge is about 1.5 kilometer length. The whole project was designed into two phase – feasibility study and detail structural design of the bridge.  During the project period the study team conducted a number of stakeholder discussion in order to make the whole study more precise and perfect.  It also includes training and knowledge transfer program regarding bridge design and other related studies to client and other professionals.

Services Provided:

Feasibility Study of a bridge across river Shitalakhya. Preparation of LAP, RAP & EMP. Preliminary Design of the bridge & Preparation of detailed land acquisition plan for the approach road. (8km + 10 Km) Detailed Engineering Design of Superstructure, Foundation and Bridge  road Approaches Traffic survey, Perspective views, Animated video clip

Cost Estimation ,Preparation of Tender Documents including Bill of Quantities, Specifications and Engineering Drawings.