Amua Dhon River


“Amua Dhon River”

Assignment Name:

Feasibility Study & Detail Design of the “AmuaDhon River” and the adjoining areas for the proposed 180m Road Bridge over “AmuaDhon River” at KathaliaUpazila in Jhalakati District under RHD, Jhalakati Road Division, Jhalakati 

Name of Client:

Roads & Highways Department,Jhalakati Road Division, Barisal Road Circle, Barisal.


Jhalakati Road Division, Jhalakati

Year of Completion:

September, 2011

Project of Description:

The study area is located at the South region of Bangladesh within the Jhalakati District at KathaliaUpazilla. The tentative site of the proposed bridge is located on “AmuaDhon River” at about 255m downstream of AmuaFerryghat.  “AmuaDhon River” is a meandering and dynamic river and located near the confluence of BishkhaliaShakhaRiver. Therefore, selection of a suitable bridge location requires detailed verification of the present erosion trend as well as future river plan form development. On the other hand, due to tidal influence determining hydraulics of scour depths and river training works would require special consideration of steepest recession of flood.The proposed study focused on the detail hydrological and morphological conditions of the “AmuaDhon River” in determining a suitable location for the bridge, bridge opening, hydraulic design,variables of the bridge piers, abutment/guide bundh, approach road and associated river training works, if required.

Services Provided:

Conducting field visit at the bridge site and river reach, Preparation of LAP, RAP & EMP. Collecting, processing and analysis of existing data;Traffic survey,Collecting field data on topography, bathymetry and bankline, water level, discharge and sediment;Review of BIWTA navigational route classification regarding navigational.requirements of all kinds of ships and water vessels and standard high and low water level maps; Statistical analysis of water levels at the bridge site to determine the design highest and lowest water level for different return period.