Asulia-Birulia Bridge

Assignment Name:

Feasibility Study & Detail Design for Construction of Asulia-Birulia Link Road under Roads and Highway Department, 

Name of Client:

Roads and Highway Department, Dhaka Road Circle, Dhaka


Dhaka Road Circle, Dhaka

Year of Completion:

December, 2010

Project of Description:

The construction of the Ashulia-Birulia Road is to develop the communication facilities of south-Eastern part of Savar district. The proposed study focused on the detail hydrological and morphological conditions of the “Ashulia-Birulia Link Road” to review the hydraulic parameter related to existing Ashulia – Birulia Bridge is suitable or not. Review of the bridge opening, hydraulic design, variables of the bridge piers, abutment/guide bundh, approach road and associated river training works if required

Services Provided:

Conducting field visit at the project site. Preparation of LAP, RAP & EMP. Collecting, processing and analysis of existing data; Collecting field data on topography, bathymetry and bankline, water level, discharge and sediment; Carryout Hydrology – Morphology Study. Traffic survey, Review of hydraulic parameter related to existing Ashulia – Birulia Bridge. Recommend the appropriate solution for hydrological requirement of the link road.