Meghna-Gumti. Bridge

Assignment Name:

Rehabilitation of  ExistingMeghna Bridge &Meghna-Gumti. Bridge Roads and Highway Department, Bangladesh 

Name of Client:

Roads and Highway Department, Bangladesh


Meghna and Daudkandi

Year of Completion:

March, 2011

Project of Description:

Main objective of the project was to investigate the condition of existing central hinges and prepare detailed engineering design for rehabilitation / replacement of central hinges of Meghna and Megna-Gamuti Bridge.

0The condition of hinge bearings and expansion joints of Meghna-Gumti Bridge was also needed to be surveyed. Another objective was to investigate the river bed and bank scour and prepare detailed engineering design for necessary river training and protective works of Meghna Bridge and Meghna-Gumti Bridge.

Study included the investigation of seismic design condition of Meghna Bridge and Meghna-Gumti Bridge in particular checking of existing design based on seismic coefficient of BNBC, and investigates necessity of retrofitting and design ofprestessed concrete Box Girder Deck, Pier and foundation system.

Services Provided:

River survey and hydrological/hydraulic investigation including data collection, investigation and analysis of river course, river morphology, historical flow and flood characteristics, mathematical modeling and physical modeling.